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50 Amazing Camping Hacks

Tent Camping Hacks

1. Place a vinyl tablecloth under your tent to prevent the floor from getting wet.

2. Lay foam tiles on the bottom of the tent to make the floor softer and more comfortable to sleep on.

3. Secure your tent by placing a small stick between the grommet and the center line.

4. Apply some candle wax to the tent zippers to prevent them from breaking.

5. Mark tent lines with pool noodles so you don’t accidentally trip over them.

6. Put all shoes and sneakers inside a wicker basket near the entrance to keep the tent clean.

7. Use a hanging sorter to store your clothes and save space inside the tent.

8. Wrap some duct tape around your water bottle to have it handy if you need to fix a hole in the tent.

9. Use a yoga mat instead of an air mattress to save some space and still have a comfortable sleeping pad.

10. If you have cold feet, fill a water bottle with hot water and put it in the leg area of your sleeping bag to keep it warm.

DIY Camping Hacks

11. Take a headlamp and point it at a water jug to create a night light for your tent.

12. Fill an empty detergent canister with water and use it as a handy water dispenser.

13. Mount a watering can head on top of the canister to set up your own camping shower.

14. Make a vertical slit on an empty coffee container to create a portable toilet paper holder.

15. Make your own camping toilet using a milk crate, a large bucket, and a toilet seat.

16. Take a few empty Tic Tac boxes and use them as space-saving spice containers.

17. Waterproof your matches by storing them in an empty baby food container with a piece of sandpaper glued on the top.

18. Use ground coffee, coffee filters, and dental floss to create your own travel coffee bags.

19. Use a leather belt and some hooks to create practical kitchenware hangers.

20. Waterproof your first-aid kit by putting everything you may need inside an empty Altoids tin.

Rain Hacks

21. Use beeswax to stiffen up your shoes and make them more waterproof.

22. Put your smartphone in a Ziploc bag to keep it dry in humid weather.

23. Cover your tent with a plastic sheet and use binder clips to secure it.

24. Waterproof your old rain jacket with a durable water repellent.

25. Use a rain cover to waterproof your backpack or your travel bag.

26. For even more protection, line the inside of your backpack with a trash bag.

27. To stay dry in rainy weather, consider sleeping in a hammock instead of a tent.

28. Soak the tips of strike anywhere matches in shellac to make sure they’ll work even if they get wet.

29. Use old newspaper to dry your shoes both from the inside and the outside.

30. If you can’t find any dry branches nearby, you can use potato chips to start a campfire.

Car Hacks

31. Use your car battery to power up the phone charger and any other electrical equipment you may want to use.’

32. Build a pedestal for your air mattress and store your luggage underneath it to save space.

33. Use binder clips and a bed sheet to create curtains for your car windows.

34. Use tent poles, bungee cords, and a tarp to set up a covered porch behind your car.

35. To prevent the rain from seeping through your open windows or doors, use a couple of stakes, two bungee cords, and a tarp.

36. Use bug nets, duct tape, and several magnets to make window screens that will keep mosquitoes away.

37. Attach a small camping table to your bumper to set up a cozy kitchen table.

38. Use plastic drawer units to make a well-organized pantry in the trunk of your car.

39. Consider investing in hammocks that attach directly to your car and need no additional support.

40. Use water and bubble wrap to draft-proof the windows of your car or your camper van.

Camping Hacks When Hot

41. Place an emergency blanket over your tent to deflect sunlight and regulate the temperature inside the tent.

42. Avoid wearing cotton clothing as it retains sweat and moisture.

43. To keep the area around your tent well-lit during the warm summer nights, place a few solar torches there.

44. Burn a roll of sage on its own or add it to your campfire to repel mosquitoes.

45. If a mosquito still bites you, rub some non-gel toothpaste on the area to reduce itchiness.

46. Use vinyl tablecloth to make cushions so you can sit on the ground while keeping your clothes clean.

47. Keep a few microfiber towels handy to wipe up the sweat. Not only are they lightweight but they also dry very fast.

48. If you spot a tick, put some liquid soap on a cotton ball and apply it to your skin to remove it safely.

49. Freeze a few jugs of water and store them in your cooler to keep your food safe in hot weather.

50. For added protection, use a vacuum seal device to pack your food.

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