Camping Checklist

A free and interactive checklist of your next camping trip.

From solo hikers to families this checklist will ensure you don’t forget anything at home. You can click to expand items. There are over 112 sub-items. Click to check off the things you have already packed!

Camp Set-Up

Here are the essentials you will need to set up your campsite.


Put a Tent Over Your Head

The tent is the often the first thing people think of when going camping. Think about both the weather and the number of people you are brining. It’s a good idea to air out your tent a few days before you leave for your trip.

tent camping
Shelter Additions & Accessories

Stay Stress Free

  1. Vestibule tent addition
  2. Screen house
  3. Tent rainfly
  4. Stakes, guy-lines, guy-line markers
  5. Extra tent stakes
tent camping at night
Shelter Light

See in the Dark

  1. LED lanterns
  2. headlamps
  3. flashlights
flashlights use for camping

Get a Good Night’s Rest

  1. Sleeping pad
  2. Inflatable/ Air mattress with pump
  3. Cots
  4. Sleeping bag
  5. Sleeping bag liner
  6. Extra blanket
  7. Hammock and bug netspace
  8. Pillows
hammack in between trees

Itinerary, Permits, and Personal

Camping Paperwork

Get Official with the Right Paperwork

  1. Park/ Trail maps and guides
  2. Campsite reservations, confirmation number
  3. Fishing permit, if applicable
trail map

You Never Know When You’ll Need It

  1. Cash
  2. Credit cards
  3. Checks
  4. ATM card

Yourself Again

  1. Driver’s license
  2. State-issued identification
  3. Emergency medical information

General Clothing


Travel Far with Proper Foot Protection

  1. Hiking boots
  2. Terrain-appropriate shoes
  3. In-camp sandals/ Slippers/ Booties
Liner Clothing

You Never Know What the Weather May Bring

  1. Moisture-wicking tops
  2. Tank tops
  3. Sleepwear
  4. Long-sleeve shirts

Keeping Clean and Fresh Even When Roughing It

  1. Boxers/ Briefs
  2. Panties
  3. Bras
  4. Thick socks
hanging socks under the sun
Quick-Drying Bottoms

Don’t Let a Little Stream Get in the Way

  1. Pants
  2. Shorts
  3. Convertible pants

For Chilly Mornings and Nippy Nights by the Fire

  1. Technical fleece
  2. Lightweight cotton
  3. Hoodie

Keep Snug When the Temperatures Drop

  1. Lightweight
  2. Waterproof
  3. Hooded

Sports/Outdoor Activities

Fishing Gear

Grab Your Pole

  1. Rod & Reel
  2. Line
  3. Tackle
  4. Bait
complete fishing gear

The Best Wilderness Exploration on Two Wheels

  1. Helmets
  2. Locks
  3. Tire repair kit
  4. Portable tire pump
two boys riding a bicycle
Kayak/ Canoe and Gear

Get Out On the Water

  1. Life jackets
  2. Paddles
  3. Repair kit

Food and Water


Hydration Essentials for Any Trip

Make sure you have enough water for your trip. There are good reccomendations on how much water to bring here.


bottled water

Pack enough food (and a little extra) for your trip. We suggest you check out our full camping food checklist for a detailed list of items. You can view it here.

cooking food on camping

Though water is most important you may want to bring a few more drinks. In our food camping checklist we have a list of drinks you may want to bring (can you say coffee).

water from the river

If you’re going on a hike you are going to want to bring snacks. Or a few marshmallows for around the fire. We have a full list of snacks that are great for camping in our food checklist [View Checklist].


Kitchen Supplies

If you want to cook food you need to bring some kitchen supplies. We have a detailed list in our food checklist. It covers all the basics and extra items that you may need. 

kitchenware to cook your food on camping

First Aid


Keep Your Body Healthy and Pain-Free

  1. Pain medication
  2. Allergy medication
  3. Prescription medication
first aid kit
Emergency Kit

Because Accidents Happen

  1. Antiseptic wipes, BZK or alcohol-based
  2. Antibacterial ointment/ Cream
  3. Bandages 
  4. Medical tape
Allergy Care

Don’t Let Allergies Ruin Your Trip

  1. Anti-itch cream/ lotion
  2. Antihistamines for allergies
  3. Epi pen
allergy medicine
Common Ailment Treatments

Quick Treatments to Keep You on Your Feet

  1. Aloe Vera gel or other sunburn spray/lotion
  2. Diarrhea medication
  3. Antacids
hand sanitizer
First Aid Tools

Essential Tools for Every First Aid Kit

  1. Fine-point tweezers
  2. Safety pins
  3. Latex gloves 
  4. Scissors

Optional Seasonal Clothing


Clothes to Keep You Cool

  1. Quick-dry swimsuit
  2. Swim shorts
  3. Water shoes
  4. Flip-flops

Keep Dry in Any Weather

  1. Waterproof jacket 
  2. Poncho with hood
  3. Galoshes
  4. Wellies

Cold Weather Clothing to Keep You Cozy

  1. Insulated jacket
  2. Fleece or wool gloves/ Mittens
  3. Knit/ Fleece hat
  4. Long underwear

Packs and Outdoor Gear

Travel Luggage and Bags

Organize Your Trek with the Right Luggage

  1. Laundry bag
  2. Daypack
  3. Fanny pack
  4. Backpack
backpack for camping
Sun Accessories

Make the Most of the Sun

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Bandana
  3. Hat

Personal Hygiene and Health

Dental Hygiene

Keep Those Pearly Whites Clean

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Dental floss
  4. Mouthwash
toothbrush and toothpaste
Skincare and Cosmetics

Beauty Regime in the Woods? Why Not!

  1. Face cleaner/ Wipes
  2. Shaving cream/ Gel
  3. Razor
  4. Cosmetics
for shaving
Toiletry Kit

Everything You Need to Keep Clean in the Rough

  1. Shampoo/ Conditioner
  2. Biodegradable soap/ Body wash
  3. Body lotion
  4. Deodorant
organic or herbal shampoo
Personal Hygiene Tools

Tools to Keep your Inner Mountain Man at Bay

  1. Small mirror
  2. Comb/ Brush
  3. Towels
  4. Ear plugs
Balms, Lotions, and Repellents

Soothe, Salve, and Save Your Skin

  1. Hand sanitizer
  2. Lip balm with SPF
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Insect repellent
hand sanitizer

Hygiene Necessities You Can’t Live Without

  1. Toilet paper
  2. Tissue
  3. Biodegradable wet wipes
  4. Menstrual/ Feminine hygiene products
toilet paper
Vision Care

Keep Your Vision Clear

  1. Spare eyeglasses
  2. Contact lens supplies
  3. Solution
  4. Case
spare eye glasses

Supplies for Times When Nature Calls

  1. Biodegradable, sealable toilet liners
  2. Toilet tablets
  3. Female urinary products
portable toilets in the fields

Luxury Shower Necessities for Any Campsite

  1. Portable camp shower bag
  2. Shower screen/ Shelter
  3. Shower caddy
  4. Shower mat

Emergency Gear

Lost and Found

Location Aids to Send Out an S.O.S.

  1. Satellite messenger
  2. Personal locator beacon
  3. Whistle
  4. Rescue signal flash mirror
pipe whistle
Stranded in the Elements

When You’re Far from Safety

  1. All-weather/ Emergency blanket
  2. Windproof lighter/ Matches
  3. Hand/ Feet warmers
  4. Glow sticks
windproof lighter
Multi-Purpose Emergency Items

Don’t Leave Home Without This Double-Duty Gear

  1. Medical shears
  2. Paracord
  3. Radio
  4. Maps


Camera/ Video Gear

Record Those Memories

  1. Batteries
  2. Selfie stick/ Tripod
  3. SD card
dslr camera on grass
Location and Communication

Keep in Touch

  1. GPS device
  2. 2-way radios/ Walkie-talkies
  3. Cell phone
  4. Emergency radio
gps navigator
Personal Electronics Power Sources

Dead Batteries Be Gone

  1. USB/car chargers
  2. Portable USB battery packs
  3. Extra batteries
  4. Solar power converter
power bank

Camp Furniture

Furniture Essentials

Sit Back and Relax

  1. Camp chairs/ Ttools
  2. Foldable/ Portable camp table
  3. Ground sheet
  4. Tablecloth
camp furniture
Optional Camp Furniture Accessories

Luxury Camping Living Space

  1. Cup holders/ Trays
  2. Umbrella/ Canopy
  3. Ottomans
  4. Camp rug/ Mat


Reading Material

Curl Up with a Good Book

  1. Books
  2. Magazines
  3. E-reader

Set the Mood

  1. MP3 player
  2. Portable Bluetooth speaker
  3. Headphones
  4. Acoustic musical instrument
mp3 music player

Let the Games Begin

  1. Playing cards
  2. Frisbee
  3. Balls
  4. Travel-sized board games
playing cards
Age-Appropriate Toys

The Cure for Boredom

  1. Building blocks
  2. Plastic shovel and pail
  3. Teething rings
building blocks
Nature Activities

Become One with Your Surroundings

  1. Local flora and fauna guides
  2. Star charts
  3. Binoculars
  4. Firewood, found nearby

Hardware, Utility and Repair

Utility Accessories

Quick-Fix Hardware for Any Camp Site

  1. Duct tape
  2. Carabiner clips
  3. Tent seam sealer
  4. S-hooks
Camp Tools

Prepared for Any Situation

  1. Camping multi-tool
  2. Survival knife
  3. Saw/ Axe/ Hatchet to cut wood
  4. Mallet/ Hammer
survival knife
Ropes and Lines

Tie it Up

  1. Utility cord
  2. Rope/ Twine
knit rope
Cleaning Supplies

Keep Your Camp Site Tidy

  1. Small broom and dustpan
  2. Clothesline 
  3. Collapsible drying rack
  4. Small shovel
Repair Kits

Because Things Happen Sometimes

  1. Tent pole
  2. Sleeping pad
  3. Air mattress

Pet Supplies

Pet Essentials

Camp Living Space for Your Canine Pal

  1. Bed/ Mat
  2. Food/ Treats 
  3. Collapsible food/ Water dish
  4. Leash/ Harness/ Tether

Misc. Camp Set-up Items

Power Sources

Plug in and Power Up

  1. Portable solar power source
  2. Electric hook-up
  3. Extra batteries, fuel
power bank
Optional Items

For Those “Just in Case” Scenarios

  1. Dry sacks 
  2. Plastic bins for storage
  3. Notepad 
  4. Pen/ Pencil
Man hiking in mountains

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