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Start Your Day Fresh Even When Outdoors with the Best Camping Shower

Week-long backpacking trips are no excuse to ignore your personal hygiene. But, did you know you have cleaning options other than splash baths with bottled water or chilly dips in questionable rivers? Nowadays there are a variety of camping showers available for you.

Now, because you have different needs than the backpacker next to you, your best camping shower may be different from theirs. However, the basic needs are the same. You want to be clean. At least, reasonably so.

So, keep reading for the best camping showers on the market. Odds are there is one that is perfect for you. Stop smelling like fire. And, pick one out.

Best Camp Shower: Advanced Elements Summer Shower


If you think that camp showers equal frigid water, think again. The Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Summer Shower uses the power of the sun to warm up your water. It’s not a hot water heater, but it’s the next best thing in the wild.

Besides hot water, this camp shower features an extra-large filling valve. It’s like the gas cap on your car’s tank. And, it makes it so much easier to fill the shower bag.

This camp shower also has added features like a side pocket for soap, Velcro straps for wash cloths, and a water temp gauge. It’s these little extras that make this the best camp shower on the market.

If you want a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of this great camp shower, keep reading below.


  • Solar-heated

You don’t need to worry about cold showers while camping anymore. This shower bag can heat your water via solar panels. Your hot water may not be scalding, but it’s warm enough for a pleasant experience.

  • Extra-large filling valve

Additionally, you don’t have to waste a lot of time filling the bag. The extra-large valve is great for filling this shower bag quickly and efficiently.

  • Convenient side pocket and Velcro straps

Next, you also don’t have to worry about fumbling around for your soap. There is a convenient pocket for soap and shampoo on the side of the bag. And, convenient straps keep your wash cloth within reach.

  • Light and portable

And, if you are short on space or have a weight limit for your backpack you can still stash this camp shower in your stuff. It’s only a little over 1lb when it’s empty. This portable shower is a great addition to your camping kit.

  • Temperature gauge

Lastly, you don’t have to guess the water temperature. There is a temperature gauge on the side of the bag. This way you can tell if the water is warm enough to shower without fiddling with the nozzle.


  • Bag or hose may leak

Unfortunately, not all products are perfect. So, you may receive a unit that has a leaky bag or hose. But it is backed by the retailer’s 30-day return policy and the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty. You may not have to send it back if it’s just the hose, since this is supposed to be used in the wilderness. And, it’s still better than a water bottle bath.

  • Takes a while to heat water

This may be a deal-breaker for some of you. But, heating water with the sun takes a while regardless of the equipment. So, if you don’t have the 3+ hours to set this shower bag out in the sun, you may need to tough out a cold swim in the nearest lake.

Material Analysis

This plastic shower bag features a 4-layered construction. This includes an insulator panel, reflector panel, solar panel, and water reservoir.

Keep in mind that 5 gallons of water can get heavy. And, the shower bag is plastic. So, it’s a reasonable assumption that after a while the bag will begin to deteriorate. Especially when hung from the handle for showers.

Who Is It For?

This is a great camp shower option for anyone who backpacks or needs a different car camping shower option. The lightweight and portability makes it very convenient to pack and go. Alternatively, anyone who will have limited access to hot showers may enjoy this, too.

However, this shower is not durable enough for long-term use. Expect to replace the unit periodically, depending on how often you use it.

If you want to find out more about this great camp shower, click on the link below:


Runner-Up Best Camp Shower: Sea to Summit Pocket Shower


Are you an ultralight backpacker that thinks showers are a luxury your pack can’t afford? This is the perfect camping shower for you. The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is a great option for staying clean while making virtually no impact on your pack’s weight.

Seriously, the impact for the camping shower is minimal at best. This is made possible because the shower zips into a 3×6” pouch and only weighs 5.25 ounces.

Check out the video below to find out more about this shower:

Additionally, the water may even get warmish if you leave the bag in the sun for a few hours. If you are expecting nice hot water showers, you should probably stay home. But, if you are a veteran camper you know that the shower itself is a luxury.

The bag itself is made from the same material the Sea to Summit company uses for their dry bags. So, you know it’s durable. And, this 10L bag is waterproof so it should not leak at all.

Care to know more? Keep reading for a detailed outline of the positives and negatives of this great portable shower.


  • Ultra-light and compact

If you’re pressed to keep your packing weight down, don’t worry. This shower adds to your backpack, but not by as much as you may think. Folded and dry, it only weighs 5.25 ounces in its zippered pouch.

Additionally, you can hook or hang the carrying pouch on your belt or outside of your backpack. The bag itself can also work double duty as your dry bag on your hike.

  • 10L Bag for 7min shower

The bag is big enough for a decent backwoods shower. And, unless you go crazy with your cleaning routine you will have water to spare when you are done. Don’t forget you can save water by turning off the water while you soap up.

  • Water heats up in sun

The water warms up if you set the filled bag out in the sun. Depending on the temperature outside it can take a couple of hours to all day. But, at least you have the option of above-frigid shower water if you want it.

  • Durable construction and material

Unlike other plastic hanging shower bags, this one is made of very durable cloth fabric. Because of this, you may have a chance of it actually lasting an entire camping season or two without needing a replacement.


  • No actual solar panels

The black bag draws solar rays to it to heat the water. But, it’s not the most efficient way to warm the water. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, though. A little warm is still better than plenty cold.

  • Can’t use if there’s nowhere to hang

Since this is a hanging shower, if you can’t hang it you can’t use it. So, think about the environment you will be in when you plan on using this.

  • Bare basic shower bag

Finally, while this is a great camping shower, you only get the basics. No cool pockets, shelves, straps, or temp gauges. But, that’s okay. You’re supposed to be roughing it anyway.

Material Analysis

The material for this camping shower is the same one used for the standard Sea to Summit dry sacks. So, it’s durable and waterproof. It’s actual fabric on the outside instead of a poly plastic blend typically used for these types of showers.

Who Is It For?

This is the most sought-after camping shower for backpackers who are trying to keep their pack weight down. It’s also great for casual camping use, or any other outdoor situation where there’s limited access to running water.

Need to find out more about Sea to Summit’s Pocket Shower? Check out the link below:


Other Camping Shower Options

Not everyone has the same camping or shower needs. So, here are some other options that are equally noteworthy.

If you really need your hot water showers, take a look at the ZODI Outback Gear Hot Tap Travel Shower. You need D batteries for the water pump and a small propane tank to heat the water. But, it heats the water to hot temperatures.

However, as you may have guessed this system is not very portable. So, backpackers will want to pass on this.

Another camping shower option is the NEMO Equipment Inc. Helio LX Pressure Shower. This one is a bit pricey. But, if you really need water pressure this is one of the best camp showers for it. It’s not light enough to use for backpacking, but it is a great option for car camping.

Final Thoughts

Being out in nature is exhilarating. It’s peaceful. And, sometimes challenging. But, always funky smelling.

In the past, you were limited in bathing options. Especially if you hike out into the backwoods. Nowadays, smelling bad is a choice not a camping requirement.

And, if you are a hardcore backpacker you don’t need to live in your own funk. The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is one of the best portable showers to incorporate into your pack. It’s light, durable, and made for your adventurous spirit.

No matter where you trek you can get reasonably clean with minimal fuss. If you are ready to add one of the top camping showers on the market to your camp gear, check out the link below:


However, if you would prefer a fighting chance of obtaining hot water without sacrificing weight and portability, there is a perfect solution for you. The Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Summer Shower system has the solar panels you need to get the hot water you want.

Additionally, it has all the extra features that make this the best camping shower without the higher price. The temp gauge is indispensable for the right temperature shower. And, the straps and pocket eliminate awkward shower fumbling.

Ready to break out that credit card? Click on the link below to get yours for your next outside excursion:


Finally, like much of the outdoor gear you buy, the perfect product will depend on your individual needs. However, there is one basic need that these camping showers fill. And, it’s true for any outdoors man or woman: the need to be clean.

So, stop splash bathing with your water bottle. And, do away with those biodegradable wipes. Clean yourself in style with a camping shower. The people around you won’t regret it.

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