The Best Camping Toilet for When Nature Calls

Camping is one of your greatest joys. You spend the day hiking and connecting with nature. But, where do you go when nature calls?

If you are lucky, you will have bathroom facilities available to you at your campground. And, sometimes you have nothing around you at all. But, there are alternatives to digging a hole in the ground.

You can bring your own toilet with you. Is it impractical? Maybe. But, it also affords you some privacy and peace of mind, too. Here are some of the best camping toilets on the market.

Best Camping Toilet: Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete Portable Toilet System


Want a luxurious toilet that rivals a penthouse suite in a 5-Star hotel? This is not it. But, it comes pretty close.

The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete System is a kit that comes complete with toilet, privacy tent, and all the accessories you need to “go” responsibly.

The toilet is plastic. Its legs unfold to the same height and dimensions as your toilet at home. The legs conveniently snap and lock into place when unfolded. But, folds up relatively flat for travel.

Additionally, this system includes a privacy tent for you to do your business in peace. It is well-ventilated to keep the air inside fresh. And, it also has an inner mesh pocket inside for necessities.

Your privacy tent can also double as a privacy screen for your outdoor shower if you have one.

Lastly, this toilet system also comes with some biodegradable bags to use with your toilet. You would use a biodegradable powder to solidify your waste in the bag. This way you can seal it and hike it out to dispose of it properly.

Want to hear more about this luxury toilet system? Take a look at the link below:

And, if you need additional information. Look no further. An in-depth outline of the pros and cons of this Cleanwaste system follows below.


  • Complete system

This is a complete system rather than just a simple freestanding toilet or some biodegradable bags. It comes with all of that as well as a privacy tent.

  • Portable and versatile

This system is very portable. And the toilet has a convenient carry strap when folded up. You can also use it in other outdoor situations along with car camping.

  • Bragging rights

Next, this is a complete system. So, the pricing is on the high side. But, if you have a large budget this is a great toilet to invest in. You can say that you own the best camping toilet available.

  • No smell

Lastly, if you need to hold onto your waste until you can dispose of it properly this detail is very important. The bio powder does a good job of eliminating the natural smell of human waste. This makes it convenient to carry in a waste bag with you.


  • Privacy tent needs to be staked out

The privacy tent is inconvenient to use on the go. Because you need to stake the tent to the ground, like any other tent, it’s impractical to keep putting it up and taking it down multiple times during a hike.

  • Too small to be comfortable

Additionally, the toilet is a little too small to be completely comfortable. But, the alternative is to dig a hole or use a porta potty. So, you need to decide if the compromise is worth it.

  • Legs are tricky to unlock

Lastly, the legs may be hard to get unlocked. But, this may simply take practice to get you unlocking the legs like a veteran.

Material Analysis

The toilet is plastic. It is a heavy plastic that is durable. But, the hard plastic and leg-locking design make it a little difficult to maneuver.

And, the privacy tent is taffeta. It is not as durable as traditional tent material. But, the fabric is thin for additional air flow.

Who It’s For

This is a good camping toilet for car or RV campers. It is too heavy to use for hikers unless you share the load with other people in your group. You can also use it for other outdoor activities like: RVing, boating, and outdoor music festivals.

If you are ready to splurge on a complete toilet system, take a look at the link below:

Runner-Up Camping Toilet: Reliance Luggable Loo Portable Toilet


This is not your average toilet bucket. The Reliance Luggable Loo Portable Toilet is an outdoor solution for different environments. And, it is easy on your wallet.

Yes, this really is a bucket. However, you also receive a snap-on lid for the toilet. It fits snuggly over the top of the bucket. And it is approximately the size of a traditional toilet seat for comfort.

And, this portable toilet is compatible with the Reliance Double Doodie bags sold by the same company. This makes clean-up relatively painless.

Additionally, the toilet itself has a 5-gallon capacity. This should be enough room for your group to use before having to change out the bags.

It measures approximately 12.8 x 14.57 x 13.39 inches. And, it weighs roughly 3 pounds when it is empty.

Finally, this toilet has a 350-pound weight capacity. So, even your heaviest family member can sit with ease.

For more information, keep reading. A deeper look at the positives and negatives of this product follows below.


  • Easy set-up

This toilet really does not have much of a “set-up”. You put a liner in the bucket. And then you snap on the lid.

  • High weight capacity

Additionally, this toilet can handle a person up to 350 pounds. It may not be the most comfortable experience. But, it’s better than squatting in the woods.

  • Easy clean-up

Lastly, the clean-up is as easy as the set-up. When you are ready to dispose of your bag, simply seal it up and toss it in the garbage.

You can also buy bio powder to break down or solidify your waste if you need to hang onto it for a while.


  • Seat is flimsy

This toilet seat is not meant for heavy use. So, like any cheap toilet seat you may encounter, it may eventually break or crack at the hinges.

  • Reliance bags are expensive

Next, the recommended Reliance waste bags are expensive. Some people substitute them with regular garbage bags. But, do that at your own risk. Especially since garbage bags are oftentimes not sealable or biodegradable.

  • Toilet not sealed

Finally, the toilet itself does not seal water nor is it airtight. So, if you decide to travel with it and you did not dispose of the waste beforehand, you may have some messy problems.

Material Analysis

The bucket and seat are plastic. The plastic is sturdy enough to support a person up to 350 lbs.

In addition, it also has a metal handle attached to the bucket. And, the handle is of indeterminate metal. But, it doesn’t bend when you are transporting the bucket from one area to another. So, it is fairly strong.

Who It’s For

This is a portable toilet option for car campers on a budget. You may also find it handy for other situations such as fishing trips, or your emergency preparedness kit.

It’s too bulky to carry around on extended hikes or backpacking. But, carrying it from your car to your campsite should be a breeze.

When you are ready to add this to your outdoor kit, click on the link below:

Best Barebone Portable Camping Toilet: Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Waste Bag Kit


If Leave No Trace is important to you, you may want to grab this Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Waste Bag Kit. It is light and portable. And, it provides an easy clean-up solution when you are in the deep woods.

You can fit the Cleanwaste bag into their tripod portable toilet, or you can use the bag by itself or over a bucket. For backpacking purposes, using the kit without the plastic toilet is a great option.

The box includes 12 packaged mini-kits. These kits include a waste bag with Cleanwaste Poo Powder already inside it. This powder gels and deodorizes the bag contents when you need to hike it out with you. The bag also features a zipper for added security.

Next, the mini kits also have hand sanitizer and a little bit of toilet paper. The toilet kits are designed to be all-inclusive for your bathroom needs. But, you may need to bring extra toilet paper just in case.

If you need to know more about this popular toilet kit, take a look at the in-depth outline below. You can read about the pros and cons of this camping toilet solution.


  • Compact and light

This may not be the most luxurious way to take care of your bathroom needs. But, it is one of the lightest and most portable solutions.

  • Sealable, puncture-resistant, odor eliminating

What’s more frightening than encountering a bear while you are relieving yourself in the woods? Having your loaded waste bag open up in your pack.

The bags in this kit zipper-seal from the outside of the bag. They are also puncture-resistant for added protection.

Additionally, the waste bags are biodegradable and contain a powder that gels, deodorizes, and breaks down your waste products.


  • May not eliminate all odor

You may find that the powder included in each bag doesn’t fully deodorize your waste. If you think this may be a concern, buy an extra canister of the Cleanwaste Poo Powder. And, pre-scoop more into your bags.

  • Insufficient toilet paper

How much toilet paper you use depends on the individual. So, if you think this may be a problem, carry an extra roll in your backpack. It doesn’t weigh that much. And, you have the added benefit of peace of mind.

Material Analysis

The kit includes a biodegradable, landfill-friendly plastic bag. It also includes hand sanitizer and toilet paper. All included components can be easily disposed of in a garbage can.

Who It’s For

If you already own the Cleanwaste tripod toilet system, you will find these kits are refills for the toilet. However, many utilize this waste system by itself- without the plastic toilet.

Since the packages are light and portable, they are ideal for backpackers or anyone who needs to travel light. They can also be used by car campers, or any other outdoor activists who refuse to go in the woods or use a dirty public bathroom.

Think this portable camping toilet may be the right one for you? Take a look at the following link:

Other Camping Toilet Options

You may not have seen exactly what you were looking for among these camping toilet offerings. That’s okay because everyone’s toilet needs are different. So, check out these other camping toilet options.

Need a fancy flush toilet when you camp? Take a look at the Camco Standard Portable Travel Toilet. This toilet is a bit pricey. But, it has a 5.3-gallon capacity. And, really flushes.

When it’s empty, the Camco is relatively lightweight at only 11.5 pounds. And it comes complete with polyethylene waste and flush tanks, seat, and easy side-latch. It’s suitable for car camping, RVing, and any lengthy outdoors trip.

Next, for your urination needs you can check out the Cleanwaste PeeWee Urine Bag. They are listed as unisex. But for females, ease of use may be relative.

The urine bags come in packs of 3. And, they contain powder that gels the liquid waste while controlling odor. The bags have a “no-touch” closure system. So, when finished you simply snap the bag closed and toss it in the garbage.

Lastly, another portable toilet option is the Green Elephant Folding Commode Portable Toilet Seat. This seat is lightweight and folds flat. You just need to attach a waste bag to it. And, it’s more comfortable than the low toilets.

Other Considerations and Accessories

Regardless of which system you decide to use, you will need consumable products to go with it. This may include:

  • Biodegradable waste powder

Most waste powder solidifies and deodorizes waste. Some may even contain enzymes to break down waste. Cost and effectiveness varies from company to company.

  • Waste bags

Do you need to use expensive, fancy waste bags? No, not necessarily. Some people use garbage bags or cat litter liners.

But, the potential for accidents and odor is greater if you don’t use a waste bag. Additionally, some garbage bags are not environmentally friendly or biodegradable.

  • Toilet paper or biodegradable wipes

Toilet paper degrades right? Yes, to a certain extent. But, in some environments it may not, or it may do it so slowly that it still leaves an impact. The same goes for toilet wipes. So, choose biodegradable options if you can.

Finally, you may also consider buying a privacy tent to enclose your portable camping toilet. Privacy tents range in price and construction. And, they may include varying features like colors, pockets, material, and flooring.

Some privacy tents have locking “doors” for additional security. While others may be as simple as a 3-sided polyester tent. Furthermore, some privacy tents also have added conveniences such as shelves for toilet paper or overhead storage.

If you do decide to buy a privacy tent, it can do double duty for you as an outside shower enclosure, too. Some tents even have linings and floorings that encourage floor drainage and prevent mildew growth. The most economical choice for you may be to purchase one that you can use for multiple situations.

And, while it may be impractical for backpackers to carry privacy tents, it may be a consideration if you do a lot of car camping.

Final Thoughts

Have you decided which toilet would be the best for you? If you are having trouble narrowing it down, remember to pick one that would be the most convenient for you.

Campers on a budget may find the Reliance Luggable Loo Portable Toilet appealing. It is relatively lightweight. And, the simple design makes it easy to set up and dispose of your waste.

If you think the bucket-style portable camping toilet is a great idea, check out the link below:

However, if you have a larger budget and value privacy, you may want to consider the Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Complete System. It’s not a flushing toilet, but it is luxury in a wilderness setting.

The system arrives complete with everything you need to jump into your car and go. And, the best part is that you only need to pay one price to receive everything you need for your toilet system. The convenience of not having to source your other accessories makes this a winner.

So, are you ready with your wallet? If so, click on the link below:

Finally, using a toilet is a very personal thing. But, everyone needs to do it. So, choose the option that will make you the most comfortable. And, make sure it has the waste disposal method you can handle.

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